South Korean Officials Travel to Serbia to Find Do Kwon

• South Korean officials traveled to Serbia to find Do Kwon, the founder of the now-collapsed Terra ecosystem.
• Kwon has been accused of breaching capital markets laws and is believed to have based himself in Serbia due to an extradition treaty between South Korea and Serbia.
• South Korea has since stripped Kwon of his passport, potentially making future travel more difficult.

South Korean Officials Send Team to Serbia for Do Kwon

South Korean authorities have requested cooperation from the Serbian government in order to bring Do Kwon back. According to a Feb. 7 Bloomberg report, the prosecutor’s office in Seoul said that reports regarding members of its team trekking out to the Balkan state were “not false”. At least two state officials went – one from the prosecutor’s office and one from South Korea’s Justice Ministry.

Do Kwon Accused of Breachign Capital Markets Laws

Do Kwon has been accused of being on the run since Sept. 14, when South Korean prosecutors issued an arrest warrant against him which he denied in October. He is also known for being prolific tweeter but he went nearly two months without tweeting or retweeting any post – which caused speculation about what he was doing during this time period. Additionally, he has been accused of breaching capital markets laws as well.

Serbia Chosen as Hideout Spot Due To Extradition Treaty

South Korea-based publication Chosun Media reported on Dec 11 that a state intelligence official informed them that Do Kwon had based himself in Serbia due there being no extradition treaty between South Korea and Serbia – a feature that likely made it an ideal hideout spot for him according to Minso Kim, a writer for Chosun Media.

Korean Authorities Strip Passport

Since then, South Korean authorities have stripped Do Kwon of his passport which may make future travel more difficult for him if found in Serbia or abroad.


The hunt for controversial entrepreneur Do Kwon has intensified with South Korean officials confirming they sent at least two people to Serbia to track him down after requesting assistance from Serbian government. Despite his attempts at hiding away, it appears that his whereabouts may soon be revealed due to measures taken by Korean authorities such as stripping away his passport and seeking extradition from their counterparts abroad .